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Use the file tips and precautions fitter

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Use the file tips and precautions fitter

1 file structure analysis file shape though square, triangular and cylindrical shape, but the main processing surface is the same. In the length direction, all files with a certain arc and taper, most people tend to ignore this point, as long as the flat file, hand movement, the workpiece can file the required, in fact this is a misunderstanding.

The shape of the file, we can see that, in the whole processing knife, a file with a horizontal plane in the shank, and 2/3 had an obvious bending arc, the file work surface is perpendicular to the horizontal surface observation, you will find, file the knife surface and not straight. Theoretically speaking, even if your hands are horizontal movement, the movement is also uneven file knife straight, its trajectory is change.

We know that the filing of machining allowance is generally small, artificial filing mainly depend on manual as power, and this power is not persevere, but changed with time and people's physical decline, this is the filing work of adverse.

2 the correct file method of filing keep horizontal motion, push forward file rake face on the workpiece, the left hand slightly, the right balance; to the posterior segment, then forced right, while his left hand balance. And then observe the filing lines to determine the filing effect, such as the use of cross filing, the state from the perspective of texture combined with each other, we can clearly know the filing plane, convenient force direction adjustment at any time and keep the file processing surface consistency; at the same time measurement, after each measurement record, for reference the control instruction processing.

If it is found that the texture processing and filing of inequality, or measure up to size and shape error, this phenomenon is mostly processed surface convex corner collapse, the whole processing surface appears commonly known as the "loach back". This is due to an incorrect end grip and filing forced instability, or is not able to understand the shape and performance. The. At this time to get rid of the convex phenomenon and avoid filing a convex arc phenomenon, you use a file to the previously mentioned face.

Facing the plane processing and utilizing the circular file, have the consciousness and the destination of machined surface file cut elimination, and repeated measurement, compared with the square, feeler, until the file of qualified products. The use of arc surface keep the workpiece into the concave. At the same time, this method can be extended to the processing of the round hole, square hole and keyway shape.

3 file size knife grain selection and reservation processing volume selection file knife grain is a particular problem, mainly according to the workpiece on surface roughness and accuracy requirements of the. The general principle is: coarse grain rough machining, with coarse and fine lines semi finished, fine lines and smooth file used in precision machining.

The file choice, is also very important for machining allowance. The filing of workpiece are generally not large, so the theory of file cutting allowance should not exceed 0.5 m m; if the workpiece is larger, more clear margin, filing up time-consuming, consumption, not economic, then should consider mechanical processing. In addition, the following problems should be paid attention to while the filing.

(1) when a force not to use too much, do not think that a can in the shortest time to remove most of the remainder. A particularly careful, this is because a few relatively edge blade, a little attention, it is easy to nibbling processing surface, resulting in machining marks deep, leading to mark semi finish machining and finish machining are not easy to get rid of the rough machining. At the same time as the coarse tooth rasp blade less, excessive force to make it soon wear dull, but also make the chip too large to stay hidden in the blade, which will affect the file filing efficiency, service life is greatly reduced. In filing operation, pushing forward force, back light carried back to file, to avoid clearance angle of wear and scuffing machined surface, improve the file life.

(2) the semi finishing, in fine file with chalk dust, let the chip space is reduced, so that the file can be sharp, but also avoid volume crumbs slot too much and scratch the workpiece surface.

(3) fine processing, file is more exquisite, requires the selection of fine burrs and smooth file. With a knife by the handle according to the machining force, cutting, not blindly push, push slow return. As long as strictly follow the correct method of operation, can meet the requirements of machining workpiece surface roughness and precision.

(4) filing should not use oilstone and emery cloth, as long as the master the correct filing skills, processed workpieces is sure to meet the requirements of drawings. If using an oilstone and emery cloth, will destroy the process texture, and once the improper operation, will make the edge and angle end deformation, let the workpiece seemed to lack appearance and texture.