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File the use and maintenance of the file maintenance

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File the use and maintenance of the file maintenance

1, the new file to use side, with blunt and then use the other side.

2, in the rasp, should make full use of the length of a file, to avoid local wear.

3, the file can not be contaminated with oil and water.

4, filing, such as embedding slot must be timely filings wire brush to remove cutting teeth,

5, can not be a file blank pieces and work hardened, filing aluminium, tin and other soft metal, should use the single tooth cut file.

6, the casting surface such as scleroderma, you should first use a file or file a I file to the hard tooth side, then processing.

7, the file after use must be cleaned clean, lest they should rust.

8, can not be compared with the other tool or workpiece stacked together, nor with other file overlap stacked, so as not to damage the teeth.

Filing of civilized production and safety knowledge

1, the file is the right hand tools, should be placed in a vise right, on the clamp table file handle is not exposed in the clamp table outside, so as not to touch off the ground injured foot or damaged file.

File 2, no grip files or file handle has split is not available.

3, when the file handle file cannot impact to the workpiece, so as to avoid the file handle loss caused by accidents.

4, can not play the filings with the mouth, cannot use hand rub file cut surface.

5, the file can not make a crowbar or for hammer.